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May 29, 2020     COVID UPDATE

Well, it sounds like there is some progress towards reopening, based on the Governor’s press conference today and the press release from King County Executive’s office this afternoon.

We have emailed both the Governor’s office and the King County Executive’s office asking for clarification about our business and when we may reopen.

If you’re interested in pleading our case to the County Executive and Governor, here are links to contact them:


We will keep everyone updated, but it looks like we’re not quite there yet. Thanks for everyone’s support!

         — The Staff of 日本毛片在线观看,在线观看免费视频

Upcoming Classes: Quick View

This information is not current due to COVID situation; class schedules will be adjusted when we know more.  Thank you for understanding.  

Upcoming Events, Seminars & Workshops

Alex Robinson Competition Obedience Seminar

****Due to COVID-19, the Alex Robinson seminars originally scheduled for May 2 – 7 have been postponed until August.  New dates are August 29 – September 3, 2020.****

Alex Robinson returns for six days:  Aug. 29 to Sept. 3.  His approach to competition obedience training is admired worldwide and his seminar in 2019 was so well received we’re having him back for three separate events plus a day of private lessons.  Click here for more info.


Click here for Weather Updates

In the event of bad weather, unsafe driving conditions, etc., any class cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page, which can be viewed using the link above (even if you are not on Facebook).